Adam McMaster

Opposing the Snoopers' Charter

I wrote a post on the Valcato blog outlining why, as a company, we oppose the Snoopers' Charter and support our clients' right to encrypt their communications.

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Web App Health Checks in Docker

Over at The Zooniverse we've been migrating most of our apps to run under Docker. I won't bother explaining all the benefits of Docker, but we've found it to be a great way of packaging and deploying applications, especially since we have a lot of legacy code with conflicting requirements. Getting everything running in Docker has been interesting, and we've encountered a few problems that needed to be solved along the way. One issue we needed to solve involved monitoring.

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"Emergency" Data Retention Bill Already Being Challenged

Two MPs, Tom Watson and David Davis, are challenging the DRIP bill that the government forced through Parliament last week. The bill was rushed through on short notice under the guise of an emergency, in response to the possibility of legal action by the Open Rights Group.

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